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  • Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche / Enema - Black
  • Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche / Enema - Black

ᶠᵉᵗⁱˢʰ ᶠᵃⁿᵗᵃˢʸ ᴱˡⁱᵗᵉ ᵁⁿⁱˢᵉˣ ᴰᵒᵘᶜʰᵉ / ᴱⁿᵉᵐᵃ - ᴮˡᵃᶜᵏ

Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche / Enema - Black

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This item is currently out of stock.

This item has been discontinued or is no longer available for purchase. See related products below.

This item has been discontinued or is no longer available for purchase. See related products below.

Size: Item Length: 9.75 in. - (247 mm), Item Width: 1.25 in. - (34 mm), Item Height: 2.75 in. - (69 mm), Item Girth: 2.75 in. - (73 mm), Item Diameter: 1 in. - (23 mm)
Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic
Warranty Information: PipedreamProducts.com

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  1. Got me hooked on enemas.  star rating

    Posted by rgbko (Anytown, USA) on Feb 7th 2017

    Texture and material construction: The shaft and bulb are both very smooth, which makes insertion easy.

    Review Details: This was my first enema. I had used anal toys before, so anal stimulation was nothing new to me. Nonetheless, I was looking for an enema that was comfortable and felt familiar, since the idea of using one did make me a bit anxious. It’s cute color helped, too!

    I found this product to be great for enema beginners like myself. Insertion is easy. It is something you must be patient with. Do not expect to put it in, let the water out of the toy, and pull it out. Inherent in its design is a natural back flow of the liquid that is ejected from it. Sometimes this would mean that, I would use it once and only empty about half of the water in it into my bowels. I would then have to wait a bit before I would be able to empty the last of it into myself. This is, not to say, a bad thing. I ended up finding the sensation of using an enema very pleasureful. Since then, I've gotten very into using enemas, and hope to use a more intense type (like with a bag rather than bulb). This made for a great starting point. There is one complaint from me. The bulb fits onto the back of the shaft and, sometimes, depending on the position you use it in, you may not notice that the two can separate just a bit and sometimes the fluid may leak out. The two pieces do lock into place with one another, so only a small separation has occurred for me.

  2. Works best for me  star rating

    Posted by VibingDon (Greenville, NC) on Feb 7th 2017

    Texture and material construction: Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche has a smooth silicone finish. The bulb is all flexible silicone. The shaft is firm plastic coated with silicone. The shaft is rounded and smooth, with no grooves or projections, which promotes easy insertion. The head of the shaft has two holes on the side and one on top to disperse your solution evenly. The shaft and bulb are joined by rings that hold them together. They are easily separated for thorough cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

    Review Details: I've tried several other bulb-style douches but have settled on this one as the best overall. Its smooth shaft is better than grooved ones because they can allow your douche liquid to flow back, which can be messy. While there are advantages to the dual shaft design with a cap and slotted dispersal system, it can be uncomfortable to remove.

    Some thoughts on douching: A douche is not an enema. Think of your rectum as the foyer to your colon. Douching should only clean your rectum without stimulating your colon's sphincter. That's the job of an enema--to evacuate your bowels--which then leaves more "debris" in your rectum. In douching you want to gently remove the remains of your last BM by sloshing liquid in your rectum to dislodge bits of feces and rinse them out. If you're too aggressive or use too much water, you can wind up with an enema rather than a douche.

    The bulb of the Fetish Fantasy Elite Unisex Douche is a good size for introducing the proper amount of liquid. The bulb fills quickly by squeezing the air out and then placing the shaft in a container of liquid. (I use a mild salt solution of one teaspoon to a pint of water. Think of it as douching with tears.) After lubing the shaft and my anus, I stand over the toilet to catch any drips, cradle the bulb in the palm of my hand and guide the shaft to my anus. The trick here is to aim toward your navel and to NOT ram the shaft in. Hold the shaft against your anus and flex your sphincter a few times to draw it in. It should slip in easily and feel good.

    Next, press the bulb steadily from the bottom to dispense the liquid. If you squeeze too high on the bulb, you'll break the seal with the shaft and squirt liquid about. Withdraw the shaft gently and squirt any remaining liquid in the toilet. Hold the liquid in while you practice your favorite dance moves for a couple minutes to shake things loose, then discharge it. Now, go off and do something: check your e-mail, play with the dog, sext your partner. Then repeat, at least twice more, and probably a few more times until the discharge is clear. The reason for taking your time between flushes is to avoid stimulating your colon.

    It's all worth it. A good douche leads to better anal play.

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