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    Fun Collection

    Posted by Siobhan on Apr 18th 2016

    Texture and material construction: Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica is collection of sexy and creative short stories incorporating sex toys. There are 24 short stories total and they contain a wide range of topics and perspectives. It is a very inclusive volume with not only a variety of different toys but also different sexual identities, races, ages (all legal ages), and sexual proclivities all presented in a very non-shaming way. Regarding the physical aesthetics of the book, it has a pretty demure cover. It’s simply a woman hugging a pillow and looking off to the side with a playful laughing smile on her face. I think this image really epitomized what this book is; a book you can curl up with. Yes it is incredibly sexy and arousing but it is also fun and sometimes silly. It’s not a dark and intensely erotic book (though those are great too). It’s a lighthearted pleasure read, in more way than one, and the picture really communicates that well. | Review Details: When I saw this book and realized that it focused specifically on sex toys I was super excited. Sex toys are a huge turn on for me and I’ve always thought more stories should include them. This book impressed me in variety of ways. The most obvious being that it has a very nice range of sex toys. Just to name a few, there were dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, restraints, ben-wa balls, harnesses, sex machines, and even a sex doll. Plus, they were all incorporated into the stories in fun and creative ways. One of my favorite stories involved a hot rock massage. It seems like such a simple concept but the way the author built the sexual tension was awesome. The assortment and originality of sex toy use I thought was quite good. Another way this book impressed me was with all of the different perspectives. Often when I read erotic anthologies they’re pretty homogeneous in whose story gets told. They often contain stories about young, white, heterosexual and sometimes homosexual people. This book however included not only those stories but stories with people of color, people over 60, people with imperfect bodies, people who are transsexual. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in the media and that includes erotica. When I read, “He gripped a large puff of my hair in his fist…” as a black woman, I was excited to be able to actually see myself in the story. For me that is huge. It really shouldn’t be a big deal but when you read as much romance and erotica as I do, yet so rarely see yourself reflected back, it truly is. On that same note, though I’m only 30, I was excited that this had stories about older women exploring and enjoying their sexuality. People often forget that older people have sex too. I don’t think that is an idea that should be removed from our consciousness or be thought of as weird. We will all age. So it is awesome to know that there are stories out there showing that sex doesn’t have to end after a certain age, and that there are a variety of toys that can make sex more comfortable. I found the story, “Gift” about the elderly woman who put out a personal ad for an older sexual partner to be one of the best written and most erotic stories in the entire book. Honestly, the range of perspectives gives this book a depth that many other anthologies lack. Now, all that said, the book did have some downsides. For one, there were definitely stories were I thought the writing could have been better or that I simply didn’t find entertaining. Not every person will be turned on by every type of sexual activity. Therefore, not all stories may be to your liking. I have no doubt though that you'll find several that work for you. Another downside I found with this book was that there were a couple of scenarios that gave me pause. For instance, there was a story that involved anal sex that was painful. That for me was a major no-no. Anal sex should not be painful and I personally don’t appreciate stories that portray painful penetration as normal. Another story contained a rubber dildo, which bothered me because it’s a low quality porous material that can’t be sanitized. I know it’s just a story but even in my fantasies I want my toys to be high quality. Besides those problems though, I thought it was a very fun book. There are several stories that I can definitely see myself reading over and over. I have no problems recommending this one.

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