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Witch Of The Wands Reviews The Lube Light

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Lube is an important staple to have at your ready when going at it alone or with a partner. When it comes to using it in the dark, it can be a little tricky. Making sure you found the right container. Especially when you might have access to different types for different preferences, partners, or toys. Then there is making sure you are getting it where you actually want the lube, and not all over the place. Certainly, there are a number of ways to fix this. Getting up to turn on the light, having a light on your bedside table, or just keeping one kind of lube about.

Enter, Lube Light. A lube dispenser that has an LED light inside of it. Lights out during most sex is a thing I enjoy. It allows me to relax during sex or masturbation because I am not overwhelmed by other stimuli. The Lube Light sounded like it would make my lube, accessible to me.

Lube Light Personal Lubricant Dispenser

How does the Lube Light work?

Starting from the top down, there is a large F at the top. This indicator allows you to point it in the right direction. This part is especially important because the LED light is small but powerful. Under the lid, it has a small rubber ring that keeps the lube firmly inside of the bottle even when it falls over. Then on the sides, there are small textured ridges so even if your hands are slick you can keep your grip.

Of course, I tested its capacity to hold fluids first with water. Even shaking it rather hard didn’t allow for a drop of water to spill out. Giving it a light squeeze when the top was popped made the water come out in small droplets that I could control. The more you squeeze, the more you get.

When it comes to the light it is totally hidden until you flip it open, which means it also does not turn on until you do so. Because it is an LED, there are no batteries. The manufacturers say that it will last however for over 8500 minutes of light. Which breaks down to 141 hours or 5 days worth of light. While I cannot test the truth of that, we will see how long it does last.

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