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Viva La Sexy Compares Womanizer & Satisfyer Travel Models

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Womanizer Liberty & Satisfyer Traveler Pro comparison review

I had both the  Womanizer Liberty and the Satisfyer Pro Traveler in my review queue, and they’re so similar that I decided it would be a good opportunity for a comparison post! So BOOM, here we are.

Both toys are compact, travel-friendly suction, or “pressure wave,” toys with magnetic covers. This is an awesome feature that keeps them protected and discreet. They are both waterproof and have magnetic USB chargers. They are different shapes, but the dimensions of both are approximately 4 x 2 x 1.5 inches (with the Womanizer Liberty being slightly wider).

I’ll go over details of both individually and include comparisons throughout, and then weigh in on which one I prefer at the end of the review.

SheVibe Pressure Wave Stimulators

Womanizer Liberty

With its cover attached, the Womanizer Liberty is a teardrop-shaped toy. It also reminds me of a cute little whale, especially in this lovely light blue shade.

It is sleeker than the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Not only does that make it more visually appealing to me, but I imagine it would work well for use during penetrative sex. I don’t find this kind of clitoral stimulation very pleasurable during sex so I haven’t tried it, but it does fit nicely between bodies.

As with other Womanizer toys, the Liberty comes with two changeable silicone stimulation heads, which differ slightly in shape and size from each other. They provide slightly different sensations and allow folks with clits of varying sizes to enjoy it. Both heads are shorter and narrower than the Satisfyer Pro Traveler’s, providing more intense and direct stimulation. I haven’t tried them, but FWIW Ruby said the Liberty’s suction is very similar to the Womanizer Classic and Premium.

The Liberty only has 6 intensity settings (compared to the Satisfyer Pro Traveler’s 11 settings). The Liberty’s first setting is gentle and the last is quite strong. I wish there were more settings so the change between levels would be less drastic, especially between the last 3. As I said, the suction can feel pretty intense and the shifts can be bit abrasive to me. Once I adjust to it, it feels great.

There’s just one problem… despite feeling good, it seldom leads to orgasm. I love my (now discontinued) Womanizer Plus, and I think the Starlet is alright, but something about the Liberty just wasn’t doing it for me and I couldn’t figure out what it was. After much trial and error, what I’ve realized is that the stimulation is so intense that it becomes overwhelming and I can’t get off. I’ll enjoy the feeling for a while but after some time I have to give my clit a break and start again. So, I’m never really able to enjoy it long enough to build up to an orgasm.

Another complaint I have is the placement of the buttons. There are two buttons, a + and -, that change the settings (and the + is also the on/off button). When it’s in use, the + button is harder to access because it is lower down on the handle. For a toy that requires very specific placement, I find that pretty inconvenient.

One thing I really appreciate about the Liberty, though, is that it comes with a nice storage bag. Especially since it comes with that extra stimulation head, I really like having a bag to keep everything in and not worry about losing it.

Another great thing about the Womanizer Liberty is that it’s less expensive than all the other Womanizer models (except for the Starlet, which is $75). You can find it at SheVibe for $95.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Last year I reviewed the entirety of Satisfyer’s original line of toys, and found a couple faves with the Pro 2 and Penguin… but I was also very disappointed with a couple of them. I was hoping the Satisfyer Pro Traveler would be in the company of the Pro 2 and Penguin and I was happy to find that it most definitely is — I love it!

As I mentioned above, the Pro Traveler’s stimulation head is longer and wider than the Womanizer Liberty’s. This means the stimulation isn’t focused on such a small area and doesn’t feel as harsh. I would describe the sensation as being smoother than the Liberty’s.

One of my favorite things about the Pro Traveler is that it has 11 intensity settings (compared to the Womanizer Liberty’s 6 settings). It has a pretty broad range so this allows me to start with gentle sensations and gradually work up to the higher settings. The jump between levels isn’t too jarring like I experience with some of the setting changes on the Liberty.

The Pro Traveler also has just two buttons, a + and -, with the + doubling as the power button. The + button is at the top of handle when it’s being used, making it easier to access. However, I wish the buttons were a bit more defined, as they can be tricky to find in use (and it’s not very accessible for folks who are visually impaired).

The Pro Traveler doesn’t come with a storage bag, but I don’t mind this because the magnetic cover is basically built-in storage. It doesn’t have extra parts like the Liberty does, so I don’t find it necessary.

Y’all know I love budget-friendly sex toys, so I am very pleased with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler’s price. At SheVibe, you can find it for only $40!

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