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Dildo or DilDont Reviews The Vivo Superhero 7 Inch Dildo

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Vivo Dildo By Uberrime Review

I won a Uberrime dildo in a contest after lusting after their toys and was automatically a convert. Their toys are firm enough to penetrate holes, but soft enough to have enough give to be comfortable. They were on my things to try list, and so far none of their toys have disappointing so I’m happy to add other toys from this brand to my collection.

Vivo Superhero Silicone 7 Inch Dildo - Parker

The first thing you notice about these dildos in general is how beautiful they are. They are really a work of art, and the marbling is really unique and makes each one slightly different which I think is a fun plus. They come in superhero inspired colors. Banner is for the Hulk, Parker is for Spider Man, Logan is Wolverine, and Stark is Iron Man.

I liked the fact that the general texture is smooth. A lot of fantasy molds tend to have a lot of texture which I don’t always love. Vivo has a bulbous head with a flat side that sits nicely on the G spot and if you clench around will give you some great G spot pressure, and a smooth shaft which made in and out movements very comfortable. It’s on the thicker side of toys, so it gives a nice feeling of fullness when using it. The density of it makes it great for folks looking to try bigger toys. Vivo’s density exists in that sweet spot where it is firm enough that it isn’t difficult to insert but soft enough to feel realistic and good.

Ultimately, the unique shape of the head is what makes this toy a winner. The head is bulbous, with some texture that works perfectly to pull down on the G/P spot. With a flat, almost triangular section that sits nicely for those who like less of an intense G/P spot pressure. I don’t love really firm toys on my G spot, so this nicely hugs it without overstimulating me.

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