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Dildo Or DilDont Reviews The Chubby Alex Dildo By Tantus

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Chubby Alex Super Soft Silicone Dildo By Tantus Review

The Chubby Super Soft Silicone Dildo By Tantus, AKA They/Them, a harness compatible, 100% Ultra-Premium Super Soft Silicone dildo that plays amazingly. This is a short, stout dildo that you can use a considerable amount of thrust for a good hard pounding without pounding your cervix or insides. It’s perfect for feeling the girth, and the super-soft silicone is great to contract the muscles against. Perfect for all the orifices.

Max Diameter: 1.7″ / 4.3 cm, Total length: 5″ / 12.7 cm, Insertable Length: 4.7″ / 17.7 cm

Chubby Super Soft Silicone Dildo By Tantus

Initial Thoughts

Tantus makes one of my favorite dildos (The Curve) so I was excited to add a new dildo friend to my Tantus family. I’m also always looking for girthy toys that aren’t very long to use for double penetration. I have learned that shorter but thick toys are a good pairing for DP.


So something you need to know about me if that I used to love deep penetration, then I got diagnosed with super aggressive cancerous HPV and had to get some light surgery to get rid of the cancerous cells. After that I had some complication, and for the most part can no longer handle deep stimulation or toys touching my cervix at all. That doesn’t mean I don’t still looooove larger toys and I’m constantly looking for thicker toys that aren’t longer so I don’t accidentally poke my tender cervix. So this toy is a great for that reason. Most folks have their G or P spot about 2 inches in their front or back hole respectively so this allows for G/P spot stimulation without deeper penetration and still room to grab the toy to allow yourself to thrust it without help from a partner.

This toy is made out of a decently soft silicone. I would say it’s somewhere between firm and soft, if that makes any sense. The density is actually perfect for a butt because I’ve personally found that when toys are too soft they are incredibly hard to get into a butt (mine or otherwise). The base makes it not only anal safe, but also makes it possible to put into a strap on harness.

The ridge on the head of the dildo is pronounced enough to give good G/P spot stimulation for folks who also don’t like a ton of texture. Personally I only like texture if the toy is very soft, so the combination of the firmness of the toy and lack of texture besides the head is for me a perfect match.

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