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Witch Of The Wands Reviews The Pride P5 Fluid Butt Plug

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Blush has only recently come into my life as a company I really enjoy. When given the chance I have jumped at being able to review their products. Their Avant Line recently grew with their Avant Pride selection. Each one made to be the colors of a different pride flag. The Avant Pride P5 Fluid celebrates the Genderfluid flag with its bold colors in beautiful stripes. Given that I recently came out as Non-Binary it quickly made it on my list of toys I knew I wanted in my collection.

Avant Pride P5 Fluid Silicone Butt Plug

First Impressions

Out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the texture. I really like the almost buttery feel of the silicone that Blush uses. There is little drag when I pull it over my skin with no lubrication. When lubrication was added to the equation, it was perfectly slick. The thick anchor base gave me hope that this toy would stay where I wanted it. Only one thing about the Avant Pride P5 Fluid stood out as a worry, the stem. To my eyes, it looked almost too much. But my eyes often deceive me when it comes to what my body can take.

One of the things I enjoy about the Avant Pride P5 Fluid are the colors, the bold stripes stand out. The different sizes for each also make it stand out further. It is creative and honestly fun. This is a plug I leave out on the nightstand happily.

Avant Pride P5 Fluid In Use

The head of the Avant Pride P5 Fluid is tapered. Not at a full point but a rounded point. It starts at 1.5″ inches and ends up getting as thick as 4.7″ in at its widest point. The stem itself is just under those, making it sit easily after insertion. The anchor base I found extremely comfortable, it is curved so that there is nothing poking into your flesh. So it sat comfortably enough that I felt happy that I could wear it while I was doing other tasks. The silicone also warms up quickly inside the body which helps in keeping it comfortable.

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