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Emmeline Peaches Reviews The Iroha Zen Yuzucha Vibrator

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Review: The Iroha Zen Yuzucha Silicone Waterproof Mini Vibrator

Is there a single pastel loving lady out there who didn’t immediately swoon when they saw the first Iroha designs released by Tenga?

I certainly did and I admit to being smitten from the very first sighting of the first offering that Tenga presented. My love affair was short lived, however, when it became apparent that the lusciously plush surface of the original Iroha toys was met with equally surface-level vibrations which could not satisfy me at all. I was crestfallen when I did my review of that particular toy.

That was over three years ago, however, and a lot can change in that time, especially with a company as responsive as Tenga.

Not only did Tenga take on customer feedback – going on to create toys with allegedly more power and capacity to please – but they also branched out to look at other types of Iroha toys. Now Iroha toys are not just clitoral but also insertible and, in this latest turn, battery powered. Oh yeah, we’re going back to batteries.

There was a time where the premise of a battery powered toy would have also made me cringe but thankfully times have changed with these devices too. Battery powered toys can content just fine against their mains powered and rechargeable foes.

Yes, there is the environmental element to still consider but rechargeable batteries are easy to get now, countering this even further and potentially making battery powered toys even more versatile than their counterparts. You can use rechargeable tech where possible but, should the worst happen, you can also always buy some disposable batteries (or have some to hand) to keep the action going. Not too shabby really.

But, let’s face it – what really makes a toy is its ability to perform in terms of design and, importantly, power. So, how does the Iroha Zen Yuzucha Silicone Waterproof Mini Vibrator contend in relation to its predecessors and other similar toys on the market? That’s what I’m here to find out!

Iroha Zen Yuzucha Silicone Waterproof Mini Vibrator

The Iroha Zen Yuzucha Silicone Waterproof Mini Vibrator 

The Iroha Zen Yuzucha Silicone Waterproof Mini Vibrator is part of a new series of rechargeable Iroha offerings from the brand and, hands up in the air, I’m just going to admit my bias to the aesthetics of this range. The design at the moment stays the same for all three toys – a spiralling cescendo reminiscent of some of the Tenga’s masturbation sleeves – the but colors vary and each of them are gorgeous.

The packaging for these toys is equally stunning. Who needs a standard black or purple toy when you can purchase your pleasure device is a creamy matcha green latte color? Not a fan? How about a pastel pink that stands out from the usual pink offerings by being as delicate as a cherry blossom? Alternatively you can veer in to my way of thinking and indulge in a vibrator that beckons the brightness of the rising sun with its striking yellow coloration.

As you can tell, I am a sucker for color options in sex toys.

And why the hell not? A toy is more than just it’s physical performance, after all. Sex in and of itself is a partially performative and highly visual act and humans in general are creatures of a multi-sensory nature. We crave engagement on a variety of levels, touch included.

Don’t believe me? Try eating food with wooden cutlery as opposed to metal ones. Pick up some plastic ones, for that matter. You’ll likely notice a slight difference. You’ll probably automatically assume the meal is cheaper or of a lower quality. Nothing about the food will have dictated this – just the feeling and visuals of plastic instead of stainless steel.

Equally the tactile sensation of the Iroha Zen Yuzucha Silicone Waterproof Mini Vibrator plays a huge role in how it is perceived and experienced by the body.

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