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Phallophile Reviews - The TRUSKYN Tru Super Dildo

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Doc Johnson Truskyn Tru Super Dual-Density Dildo Review

Dual-density silicone is all the rage these days,1 so it’s no surprise that the huge American manufacturer Doc Johnson stepped into the ring a couple years back.

The dildo contender I’m looking at today—the Tru Super—is part of Doc J.’s Truskyn line of dual-density,2 platinum silicone toys.3 IMO, Doc Johnson was smart to create both very realistic dual-density dils and more abstract ones, because people’s preferences do vary a lot. The Tru Super falls in between these categories. From a distance its shape is kinda penis-like, but when you look more closely, you see the Tru Super’s head is pointy, its shaft is covered in squares instead of veins, and bright pink is a color option. (As is black-as-night.) Doc Johnson Truskyn Tru Super featured

I was drawn to the Tru Super’s larger head (1.7″ max. diameter at the coronal ridge, vs. 1.4″–1.5″ for the rest of the shaft), and I was also intrigued by the surface texture. How would it feel in use?TRUSKYN™ Tru Super Dildo By Doc Johnson

More Textured Than You’d Think

The Tru Super is indeed covered in squares. Even when I thrust the toy very slowly, I can’t feel the squares individually, but I do feel some minimal texture. The surface isn’t slick, for sure. Because the Tru Super’s outer layer of silicone is soft and slightly sticky, thrusting the toy creates some drag. But, like VixSkin, it glides easily once you’re sufficiently lubed up.

What I really feel when using the Tru Super is its ridges. First, that fairly prominent coronal ridge is focused—just a little pointy—in the center, instead of being totally rounded. Then, the shaft has a vertical ridge extending up from the base, both on the front side and on the back side (especially). For me, the pointy head ridge and vertical line detract from the kind of bulbous and broad G-spot stimulation I’m really into.Doc Johnson Truskyn Tru Super front edit

Usually in pointy-coronal-ridge situations, I just flip the dildo backward, since the back wall of my vagina is less sensitive than the front one. But the Tru Super has that super-duper-pronounced vertical ridge coming up from the balls. It’s a shame that this ridge irritates the mouth of my vag, because my G-spot really wanted to like the interesting curvy shape on the back of the Tru Super’s head.Doc Johnson Truskyn Tru Super back of head

I’d just about given up on this dildo when I realized that, since the Tru Super is kinda flexible, I could wrap it around my vulva for dual stimulation. The toy has a little under 6″ insertable length, so enough for me4 to get its substantial head inside my vag, just under my pubic bone, while I bend the shaft to hit beneath my clit. This way, the vertical line that comes up from the base is suddenly an advantage.

And this is how I managed to have intense blended orgasms with the Tru Super. The sensation of the vertical ridge moving back and forth, from my under my clit almost to the mouth of the vag, is the closest dildo experience I’ve had to being fingered externally. Plus the head has a nice weight (and squish!) to it, so the mouth/first couple inches of my vagina get some much-needed attention. When I use the Tru Super like this, I even squirt a little—something that’s never happened to me with any other insertable toy.

So, among all the dildos in my collection, the Tru Super has turned out to be the best for external + internal stimulation for me. But if you don’t like focused rubbing sensations, or you need stimulation to either the right or the left of your clit, it’s possible that the Tru Super won’t be your thing.5

Overall I’m very happy with how this solution works out for my body. There is one problem with it, though: the Tru Super’s balls.

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