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Betty Butch Reviews The ZALO Confidence Wand Massager

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Review: Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager by Zalo

When I saw Zalo’s “Sweet Magic” line – featuring the Desire Self-Thruster, Courage G-Spot Massager, and Temptation Bullet Thruster – I was immediately enamored. Each piece looks freshly plucked from a big budget erotic parody of Sailor Moon.

But this review is for one toy in particular: the Zalo Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager.

ZALO Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager

Sleek pastel pink silicone (or purple), a gold plastic base, and a sparkling Swarovski crystal on the heart-shaped control lever… The Zalo Confidence Wand takes the concept of a wand vibrator and infuses it with a cutesy, witchy allure. Like the rest of the Sweet Magic line, it’s a sex toy that wouldn’t look amiss in a magical girl anime, assuming that the heroine was an adult and the villains were consenting to a very different kind of battle.

In addition to a spunky aesthetic, the Confidence Wand boasts a delightful array of features. It’s rechargeable, meaning vanquishing evil won’t require batteries. It has 8 vibration settings (2 steady speeds and 6 patterns) and a heating mode. It purports to be quiet and flexible. And it comes with a storage bag – though the packaging it’s in is well-worth keeping!

Like the Desire Self-Thrusting Dildo (read my review here), the Zalo Confidence Wand was sent to me by SheVibe in exchange for an honest review.

I love working with SheVibe; their staff is dedicated and attentive to customers, and their impressive inventory of sex toys is sorted into easy-to-browse categories. Wondering how big a toy is, what it’s is made of, or if it’s harness compatible? SheVibe’s detailed listings will tell you.

Appreciating design by moonlight…

The Confidence Wand is about 9 inches long, and its bulbous head is 1.7 inches in width. Besides its flexible neck, the toy – including the wand head – is firm, with an incredibly soft and smooth silicone finish. The neck and a portion of the shaft will bend with force, which is unappealing news for those who need firm, pinpoint pressure; the Confidence Wand Style Massager was definitely designed for folks that enjoy broadly-applied vibrations and a fair bit of give.

There are several small touches to the Confidence’s appearance that I love. The shaft has some column-like indenting and some embellishing on either side of Zalo’s logo. The plastic base has a rippled/twisted texture that encourages the gold to gleam when the light catches it. And of course, the tiny Swarovski crystal. Like the Desire Self-Thrusting Dildo, the Confidence is a lovely blend of cutesy and elegant.

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