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Indigo Reviews The Divine Diva Plus Size Strap-On Harness

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So when I started reviewing for Shevibe, this was my first choice. I had heard some excellent reviews of Sportsheets in the past, and I desperately needed a harness because I had a partner that needed my cock in a major way. And when it showed up, I had to struggle to restrain myself from tearing open the box and put it on before I took pictures of the packaging. Divine Diva indeed.

And when I finally had a partner over, the need to use it was more immediate. So I took a few pictures of the box and I pulled it out. My first impression? I have a mass of straps and some cushions. Oh look, here’s an O ring!

Divine Diva Plus Size Strap-On Harness by Sportsheets

I will admit to having some extremely silly moments in my life. I was once bested by a microwave. It was one of the simple ones too. I just completely forgot how they worked, but I’m not going into details about what happened. Just that an adult did have to come help me cook my cup-a-noodles. I was 19 at the time. However, when I pulled out this harness, I was really confused. What on earth possessed humans to think this was a good thing? It didn’t look like a crotch or underwear at all.

Well, it turns out that once it was all out of the box and laid out, I was looking at it backwards. And once I got it laid down, I understood perfectly. The microwave bested me, but this mass of fiber art would not! It turns out all those straps are extra adjustable and really, it slips on easily. For my purposes, I just put it on right over a thong (you’re welcome for that image). It was really easy for me to adjust all the straps and they were all within my reach. So while I was fixing it, my partner could watch and that was wonderful to feel.

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