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Phallophile Reviews Checks Out The Big Shot Vibrating Squirting Dildo

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Evolved Novelties Big Shot Vibrating, Squirting Dildo Review

Now that I own a dildo sword, I figure, why not a dildo squirt gun too???

The Big Shot Squirting Dildo by Evolved Novelties is the simplest “squirt gun” option on the US market that’s body-safe. Many less-hygienic options exist, but silicone ejaculating dildos have lagged far behind. And when I’m making a toy shoot fluids into me, then hell yes, I want it to be sanitizable and fit for long-term use.

Initially, I figured that the body-safe material would be the Big Shot Dildo’s only real selling point—that the squirting function would fall flat, or the vibrating motor would be seriously mediocre.

It turns out, they’re both good. Pretty damn good, even, in the case of the motor.

Big Shot Silicone Vibrating Squirting Dildo


I had a NO WAY moment of shock and disbelief when I turned on this Evolved dildo’s vibrating function and felt that it was rumbly. This is no small feat in any vibrating dildo, much less in one that also squirts automatically.

Big Shot’s vibes are strong enough that this dildo could easily fit into my best G-spot vibes ranking, right behind the Jopen toys. Especially Big Shot’s first speed, which I’d give an 8/10 for vibration depth (rumbliness) and a 5/10 for power. By the third (and final) steady speed,1 Big Shot is decidedly less rumbly, but the power level is nothing to sneeze at.

It may not be my absolute favorite G-spot vibrator—a truly high honor—but it is solid, 2 vibration-quality-wise. And it’s USB rechargeable and waterproof too.


But we’re all really here for the squirting effect, right?

And this toy does it automatically, with the press of a button. This is unique among body-safe ejaculating dildos because all other options use silicone tubing—commonly called a “cum tube”—to deliver fluids. Then, you have to either push down on a luer-lock syringe’s plunger (à la Bad Dragon & other fantasy toys) or squeeze the silicone bulb attached to the tubing (à la POP by Semenette). That means you have to deal with the tubing hanging out of the toy—potentially frustrating if you’re prone to jerking your dildos fast or if you’re wearing the toy in a harness.

But the Big Shot Squirting Dildo’s press-button ejaculation is so incredibly simple. It’s easy to make the toy cum. Plus cleaning is convenient! You just open the fluid compartment, rinse, shake out the remaining water, then leave the seal off so it’ll air-dry. Compared to sanitizing POP by Semenette, Big Shot is literally ten times less work.

When you hit the squirt button, Big Shot will ejaculate at full force for about three seconds, with the stream trailing off at the end. It makes me happy that this mirrors the average duration of a real-life ejaculation. Just like the dildo’s size, it’s not exaggerated.

If I’m using Big Shot in bed, a towel will easily catch the amount of fluid that comes out; I’ve used both tap water and water-based lube. (You could also use hybrid lube for a creamy, cum-like effect.) I like water because I can feel it really drip down my labia after I make the toy get off.

IMO, Big Shot is the most fun in the shower! That’s where it’s squirt-gun quality is best, because I can keep filling and refilling the reservoir. My sense of humor is so mature that I grin and/or giggle every time I hit the “squirt” button and watch the fluid shoot out. See the vibes plus ejaculation in action in my hand here:

Once Big Shot’s reservoir is empty, it makes a loud sound if you continue holding down the cum button. I call it the “ejaculation siren.” The noise isn’t ideal, but because I’m a pro at drowning out loud sex toy sounds, I think it’s very worth the price of not having to deal with cum tubing.

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