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Little Switch Bitch Reviews The POM Flexible Vibrator

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I have lusted after the Tenga Midori/Sakura for quite some time and I just haven’t managed to get one of those just yet. However, when the Dame Products Pom came up for review at SheVibe, I just had to pick it because boosts the exact same structure – that squishy goodness I was just dying to get my mitts on.

Inside the tiny box you’ll get a USB charger, instruction manual, a cute sticker and a storage bag. The toy charges via magnetic points found on the bottom of the toy. A LED light while flash while Pom is charging and while go static once fully charged. A red LED light will flash when the battery is low. I got the aqua colour for review but the Pom is also available in plum.POM Silicone Rechargeable Flexible Waterproof Vibrator

In my hands – first feels are good. The silicone is velvety soft and super squishy. I do wonder if the silicone will be draggy in use though? It has that feel where I think it will – that kind of silicone texture that kinda absorbs the lube so you need to reapply but time shall tell. The Dame Products Pom has no internal body meaning it can bend how I like and it also means I can be as forceful as I like in use without it hurting my pubic bone… This was exactly why I wanted this toy – super excited to see how it would feel in use!

The Dame Products Pom has vibrations and patterns and its main design is how it can fit into the human hand. I don’t, however, use my whole hand to masturbate so I’m not quite sure why a toy that can fit in my palm is a benefit or not but, to be honest, but I guess all will be revealed when I test it out. Wow – This toy is a powerful little beast. I wasn’t expecting it to be as rumbly when I powered it up…

… and Yessssssss!!!!!! The power of the Dame Products Pom transfers in use! It feels bloody awesome!!

I must admit I found myself using it cupped in my palm and pushing firmly against my clit while the sides of the sides kept my labia parted and it worked. And worked well. I played around with varies ways of holding it – making the top be the first bit to hit off me and even using it on it side but I still came back to cupping it in my hand. The vibrations feel incredible in use… I do need it up on the third highest intensity but provides me with delicious satisfying orgasms every time without me fighting to get over the finish line… They build and arrived with ease and leave me a big satisfied mess.

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