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Emmeline Peaches Reviews The Satisfyer Petting Hippo G-Spot Vibrator

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The Satisfyer Petting Hippo Rechargeable Waterproof 12-Function G-Spot Vibrator

The Satisfyer Petting Hippo Rechargeable Waterproof 12-Function G-Spot Vibrator is a vibrator primed for G-Spot stimulation but capable of so much more.

You may know Satisfyer as the company that took the sex toy world by storm when they made affordable suction-based sex toys. And, for the longest time, these are the toys that have graced my site, but Satisfyer have since branched out considerably and vibrators are now one of the many other toy types that they offer.

Satisfyer Petting Hippo Rechargeable Waterproof 12-Function G-Spot Vibrator

The Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator is the first vibrator from Satisfyer that I have personally tried, so I was keen to see what they might deliver to the industry and the answer is a standard, but undeniably effective, offering that merges play with results.

The Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator’s biggest selling point undoubtedly has to be its design. With a head shaped like a hippo (or, to my mind, a cheery manatee) this toy creates a cure little double-chinned curve that bulges at its snout to offer up a semi-unique G-Spotting shape.

I say ‘semi-unique- because the way that this curve is composed is almost at an inverse angle to many other G-Spotting vibes. There’s a sort of divot to either side of the Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator‘s snout and a sharp upward angling that you don’t often see executed to such an extreme degree.

It’s definitely reminiscent of some Fun Factory toys (especially the Patchy Paul) but with more prominence in the angling of its G-Spotting bulge.

This toy has a confident sort of appeal to its head curvature which then contrasts to a shaft that curves downwards instead of offering the conventional banana-like bend of most vibes of its ilk to generally make a toy that seems made for a subtly different experience.

The Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator is made from ABS plastic (the handle) and a wonderfully smooth matte silicone with both materials being non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. It’s waterproof, so you can clean it easily, and USB rechargeable. All of this is offered at a retail price below $50 which puts the Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator in a competitive bracket when you do compare it to things such as the Patchy Paul.

A 3-button control system is placed nicely on the control panel of the Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator and is easy to use. There’s a power button – which you press and hold to turn the toy on and off – and then two buttons which essentially act as a + and – to cycle through the toy’s 6 different intensities and 6 different rhythms.

The Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator’s vibrations range from a near-inert and very gentle jiggle to a very persistent deep hum which is lacking in rumble but well refined for internal stimulation.

As I said before, this toy isn’t just for internal use though and the resonant buzz of the Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator is also effective at caressing the clitoris or hitting the perineum externally.

For this the snout works very well. It’s just about the right size and shape to essentially work as a mid-sized wand and create strong (but not overpowering) orgasms.

Internally, however, the vibrations and angle of this toy really come in to their own and the best word to describe the Satisfyer Petting Hippo Vibrator in this capacity is ‘persistent.’

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