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Princess Previews Reviews The Neo Elite 7.5 Inch Dildo

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Since it’s my first time working with US retailer SheVibe, I also just wanted to give them a quick shout-out. SheVibe were one of the first stores I ever bought adult products from, and as such a lot of the toys featured in my early reviews were bought through them. I loved them then because they have a huge range of quality products and their worldwide shipping prices are quite reasonable, and neither of these things have changed today. Plus, their brand is geeky as hell and full of pop culture references and comic book art, making their website a feast for the eyes even if you have no interest in sex toys. Being able to represent them now as an affiliate and complete reviews for them really makes me feel like I’ve come full circle as a sex toy lover, and I couldn’t be happier!Neo Elite 7.5 Inch Silicone Dual Density Cock with Balls

The Blush Novelties Neo Elite 7.5 Inch is a perfect example of the current renaissance we’re experiencing in the sex toy industry. It’s a dual density silicone toy made by a big US brand that retails for less than $50 USD, which are words that would have been extremely unlikely just a few years ago. But it just goes to show that the efforts of bloggers and other advocates for body-safe products have not gone unnoticed, and as more and more brands turn towards silicone it has resulted in it becoming more affordable as its previous luxury status starts to fade. While companies like Tantus have been providing people like me with great silicone options for years now and were one of the first companies to do this, I feel like Blush have really been instrumental in this more recent industry change, and so I am really excited to be reviewing one of these products today.

Blush have released a few fantastic looking silicone dildo lines over the last few years, such as Avant and Real Nude, but their latest Neo Elite line is the first that I have had the pleasure to try. What sets this line apart is that all the products in it are made with dual density silicone (which is my favorite kind and means that the toy has a firm inner core and squishy outer coating, making it feel quite life-like), they all have suction cups and are harness compatible / anal safe, and they all come in bright neon colors that aren’t typical of sex toys. As a realistic range of dildos (aside from the colors) they offer quite a few different options, so you can get whichever style of dick you prefer. Personally I went with 7.5 Inch, which seemed like a nice medium sized toy that offered some texture (prominent veins and a pronounced head), and I chose its orange colour (it also comes in pink). Not only is this my first orange dildo, but it is also surprisingly my first ever dildo with balls, which I was particularly excited about. While its overall length is in the name, it actually only has an insertable length of 14 cm / 5.5″, and a diameter of 3.8 cm / 1.5″.

My order for the Blush Novelties Neo Elite 7.5 Inch was placed with SheVibe on the 24th of April, and I received it on the 6th of May. The box was 100% discreet, with no mention of the sender or what was inside. To reduce the international shipping costs and since Blush’s packaging is only very basic anyway, SheVibe did not include the product’s actual packaging, but instead just sent the toy in a plastic bag along with the paper insert that would have been part of the box. This isn’t a practice SheVibe use with their customers, as you cover the cost of shipping when going through checkout. While I don’t have the packaging, I can see from this product listing photo that it’s just a simple plastic clam shell and so I didn’t miss out on much. The paper insert that I did receive includes heaps of great information about the toy to aid you during purchase (but nothing you wouldn’t already know if you bought it online). Considering the low price of this product I think this basic packaging is fine.

When I first got the Blush Neo Elite 7.5 Inch I was surprised by just how soft and buttery its silicone was. I’ve never had a dildo that felt like this before, and it’s quite addicting to touch. The outer silicone is also softer than any of my other dual density dildos, making the firm core more obvious to the touch, which in turn makes it a bit less realistic feeling. Meanwhile, the head of the toy doesn’t feature the core and is 100% squishy silicone, which lends itself to easier insertion. On that note, this toy doesn’t require any warming up to use and inserts relatively easily, although on days when I want to make the process even smoother a quick go with the Funkit Toys NoFrillDo is enough to get me ready.

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