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Submissive Feminist Reviews The Sola Sync Wireless Wand

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Review: Sola Sync

I first laid eyes on the Sola Sync at the 2017 Brooklyn Sex Expo. They were doing a giveaway of new Sola toys, and I eagerly hoped my name would be called for any of them but the Sola Sync. I don’t know why the Sync and I got off to such a rocky start, but I was repelled at first sight and wouldn’t even consider using the Sola Sync until over a year later, when I learned the error of my ways.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. I know, I know. I did the thing you’re not supposed to do (especially as a reviewer). I made a snap judgement. Can you blame me entirely, though? As someone very married to my Doxy at that point, the whimsical shape of the Sola Sync didn’t impress me.

However, I didn’t even consider the benefits of its outlying appearance. The long, curved handle allows users with disabilities to use the Sync more effectively than a standard wand vibrator and allows for a much more comfortable reach for plus-size users.

In addition, the angled head was such a delightful change to the standard straight models I’m used to. The angle gives users much more control during both penetrative sex and masturbation. I was especially surprised at how effective it was for my style of masturbation, which almost always involves riding a wand. The angle made positioning so much easier than a typical style wand.

Sola Sync Wireless Remote 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone Wand


The Sola Sync is the first wand I’ve ever seen with a wireless remote to go along with it. While I personally have little use for a wand remote, others who enjoy varying intensities or different patterns may find it more convenient than using the controls on the actual wand during use. Personally, the only use I’ll get from the remote feature is if my partner were to use it in a tease and denial scene. It works up to 40 feet away, so there are definitely some fun ways I could implicate such a feature. It’s a neat little feature that you won’t find with other wands.

In addition to coming with a wireless remote, the remote and wand itself are both completely rechargeable and don’t require any batteries. The included wireless charger works on both items and comes with an AC adapter.

A full charge of the Sola Sync lasts about an hour and twenty minutes but I’ve found that I use it so often that I’m having to recharge it more than other wands in my toy box. That’s not something I can fault the toy for, but the intense frustration of having it die on me while at my partner’s house is heartbreaking. I wish more toys came with a warning sign that they’re about to die. Maybe in the future I can obtain a wand that will play a full minute of The Final Countdown while I scramble to orgasm before it gives out. Until then, I just have to remember my charger when I bring this toy on overnights.

Not only is the Sola Sync rechargeable, it’s also waterproof. Very few wands are able to be used in the shower or tub and while I’m not usually one for doing so, I gave it a shot with this one. It was an enjoyable experience, to say the least. Maybe not something I’d do regularly, but for those of you who like using toys in the bath or shower, it’s definitely a perk.

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