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Red Hot Suz Reviews The Velvet Thruster Jackie & Abbie

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There has been a lot of buzz (no pun intended) surrounding the Velvet Cock Thrusters and I’m here with my teapot ready to serve you the all the info you’ll need to know about these special dildos.

The Thrusters are named by their ability; they’re dildos that thrust into you when turned on. The creators took the mechanics of a sex machine and bundled the concept into a small (in comparison) package. And no wonder people are interested, sex toy machines are widely fantasized about but are expensive, large and difficult to set up. The Thrusters could potentially be a simpler alternative to a technology that hasn’t been seen on this small of a scale.

Since the Velvet Thrusters are so ~new~ and ~exciting~, I crowd pooled some questions from my social media and friends so I can answer all those burning Q’s about my experience with both the Velvet Thruster Abbey and the Velvet Thruster Jackie, two out of the four different Thruster styles.

Velvet Thrusters

Toy Specifics

What are the Velvet Thrusters made of?

The insertable part of the Thrusters is silicone (as well as the thrusting part), and the handle is ABS plastic! The insertable end is flexible and allows you to curve the silicone dildos up and around to make them hit multiple types of endogenous zones.

Are the Velvet Thrusters easy to clean?

While it does take a slight bit more effort than your average dil, the crevasses are only a mission to clean if you’re not wanting to spend more than a minute at the sink. It’s not completely water waterproof, so while washing it be careful to do so upside down, so that water doesn’t drip down into the handle (where the motor lies).

What’s the difference between the Velvet Thruster Jackie and Abbey?

Other than the shape of the insertable parts, it’s the exact same toy! For those of us who prefer more phallic shapes, the Jackie is an average sized (1.5 inches at its widest point) realistic dildo, complete with veins and a head. The Velvet Thruster Abbey is a take on old-school vibrator designs, so it’s slightly clinical looking. My vagina is picky about what non-realistic insertable designs it likes, and the Abbey just didn’t make the cut. It didn’t feel super comfy for me, but I could see it being fun in a medical or hysteria role-play scenario. The Jackie, though, delivered splendidly.

Velvet Cock also offers the Velvet Thruster Walter, an anal bead design, and the Velvet Thruster Frankie, a semi-realistic design.

Are the Velvet Thrusters noisy? What do they sound like?

Why, yes, I’m glad you asked. The Thrusters make a lot of noise, and I think that’s a completely reasonable side effect of having a toy this fast-moving and intense. The Velvet Cock website lets you know that this toy isn’t for shy people; it’s a toy for those who experience bold sexual activities. There’s no hiding the Velvet Thrusters’ sound. I left it on in my room, closed the door behind me and I could hear it loud and proud down the hall.

The sound is.. mechanical. I would compare it to a power tool, like a drill. The Thruster sounds like I’m about to start a serious reno project inside of my vagina.

How are they powered?

The Velvet Thrusters are rechargeable! They come with a long life lithium-ion battery and easy magnetic connection charger.

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