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Phallophile Reviews The Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her

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Review: Pipedream Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her Thrusting Vibrator

Hi, my name is Felicity, and I’m a thrusting dildo connoisseur. I love my self-propelled toys—from true thrusting dildos to pulsators and rotating vibes—but I’ll admit they can be expensive. There’s no way I would’ve accumulated three separate Fun Factory Stronic Pulsators, for example, if I was paying for them with my money rather than with my time and labor.

That’s why I was happy to see that the big toy manufacturer Pipedream had released the Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her Thrusting Vibrator. This thrusting dildo retails for $90—still not cheap for many folks, but less than half the price of a Velvet Thruster or Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator.

Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her Silicone Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator

Plus, the Thrust-Her promises a number of other unique features. No other self-thrusting toy includes a remote control, a heating mechanism, or a suction cup. Sounds pretty good for less than the price of a similarly sized VixSkin dildo, right?

But in the end, the Thrust-Her turned out to be a mixed bag for me. A couple of its add-ons (like the remote control) are really outstanding, but…the actual thrusting motion wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for. Here’s what I’ve discovered about all the Fantasy for Her Love Thrust-Her’s features.

Stroke Length and Power

The first thing I realized when testing the Pipedream Thrust-Her was that it starts out fast—but it doesn’t go far. The toy’s stroke length is nowhere near as long as that of the Velvet Thrusters by Velvet Cock. Versus their three inches of stroke length, the Thrust-Her goes maybe one inch, tops. That means the thrusting feels less realistic than I personally am looking for.

To be fair, the Thrust-Her’s stroke length is longer than the (considerably more expensive) Stronic Pulsators—whose wiggling-jiggling movement I do love! Though the Stronics’ pulsating motion is pretty darn short, these toys excel because they go so fast and they have impact because of how good the magnetic propulsion system is. (They’re also incredibly easy to hold and comfortably position.) Basically, the Pipedream Thrust-Her’s motor is up against very stiff competition.

The Thrust-Her is speedy too. It moves so fast, I had a hard time counting the pulsations of even the first steady speed. I like faster thrusting once I get more aroused, but—just like with the Evolved Novelties Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine—with the Thrust-Her, I wished I could start out a bit gentler. I’d prefer to work up to being pounded at 2 to 3 strokes per second. By the second steady speed, I’ve lost track of how fast the Thrust-Her moves; my guess is that it matches or exceeds the 140 strokes per minute that’s the Velvet Thrusters’ top speed.

And that’s my biggest annoyance about the Pipedream Thrust-Her overall: the limited number of thrusting speeds. Technically, there are seven of them. BUT—and this is a huge but for me—only two of them are steady, rhythmic speeds. The other five are patterns. I can only adequately express my feelings about the patterns with a guttural noise, something like URGHHH. For most people, patterns in clit vibes are either annoying or just do nothing, and that’s exactly how I feel about patterned thrusting. I want more steady speeds; two just isn’t enough.

Basically, if you’re looking for a toy that thrusts something like a human being might, the Thrust-Her probably isn’t the one for you. But, if you’re satisfied with short, fairly fast motions—and especially if you think you’d like patterned thrusting!—then this toy may work a lot better.

Vibration Intensity

Besides just thrusting, the Thrust-Her vibrates. Like the Evolved Thrusting Machine, the thrusting and vibration can happen either together or independent of each other. The Thrust-Her’s first steady vibe pattern is a little rumbly, and the second and third add some buzz with the power. Then come 5 vibration patterns, to match the 5 thrusting patterns. If you (unlike me) are into mixing things up, then add the patterned vibration to the patterned thrusting and make it a two-fer.

Because I usually want more from the Thrust-Her’s thrusting, I’m glad the vibes are there. They give me that push that finally allows me to orgasm on the Thrust-Her. Though the third steady speed is a little too powerful, a little too buzzy, for my liking, the first and second agree with my vag.

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