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Miss Ruby Reviews the ZALO Confidence Preheating Wand

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“In the name of the moon, I will punish you!”

Okay, there’s actually no punishment required. But this adorable, princessy wand from Zalo realllly takes me back to the 1990s, when I was a kid watching more Sailor Moon than I care to admit.

ZALO Confidence Preheating Silicone Wand Style Massager

The Zalo Confidence Wand gives me a lot of feels. It looks like it belongs in an anime warrior princess’ treasure trove. It’s cutesy, fun, and gentle-yet-striking. Small for a wand (under 1 foot long), it’s fairly dainty, with a slim body, a bulbous, spherical stimulation head, and a shiny ABS plastic gold handle. And that lovely powder, pastel pink – very feminine. If you hate pink, you also have the option of violet.

If you look closely, you’ll see a little heart in the circular handle. This heart is the control lever, which made me smile. Zalo is definitely taking wands in a new direction with this design, and I’m loving it.


But it’s not all about appearances. This wand also gives you a solid series of features.

  • 8 vibration modes (including 2 steady states)
  • Heating function
  • Rechargeable (charge for 1 hour to get 2-4 hours of playtime)
  • Splashproof
  • Lever control, instead of a typical button, which I found pretty intuitive


Vibration-wise, this gives okay moderate strength (7/10). It’s no Magic Wand, but it’s definitely pleasing. It helps that the vibrations are on the rumbly side, not buzzy.

The Zalo Confidence Wand is quiet! Definitely impressed on this front — no one would be able to hear this through walls/closed door. Unless they have superpowers.

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