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Luna Vixen Reviews The Tantus Severin Small Butt Plug

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Severin Super Soft Silicone Butt Plug (Small) By Tantus

Tantus is a sex toy company that since the 90’s has helped to move an entire industry towards using safer materials in order to better promote sexual, physical, and mental well being. The quality of silicone definitely influenced my decision to get this toy.

Tantus Severin Super Soft Small Silicone Butt Plug

The Shaft…

The very first thing I noticed about this butt plug, is the beautiful, reflective appearance. It seems when the toy was being made, they used multiple shades of silicone for the pour.

Second, I noticed how soft the toy feels. Often times when I get a new silicone plug it has a texture. I find that very unpleasant when using plugs for long amounts of time. I would have no problem keeping this toy in for several hours, with the occasional reapplication of lubricant.

Warming up with this toy is a lot of fun. The tip starts with a gentle taper, and quickly becomes the first knot. This is a little overwhelming if you aren’t already very relaxed. This toy specifically is designed to prepare you for fisting by offering three separate sizes. The small size specifically is about 5 Inches in length and the second knot is about 1.5 Inches in diameter, while the first is about an inch. The Severin plug goes up to medium and large sizes.

The second knot is an entirely new beast. Even after conquering the first one with ease. The main issue I had with this toy was lube evaporation. I consistently had to reapply lube when first putting the toy inside and when taking the second knot. Regardless, once the toy was inside, I was no longer worried about lubrication and was in total awe of the way the knots felt on my prostate.

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