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Little Switch Bitch Reviews The Blush Novelties Pom Plug

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I am a huge fan of tail plugs and also a huge fan of Blush so I kinda knew I was already gonna love the Blush Novelties Pom Plug before it arrived. However, it has surprised me with a few little tricks up its sleeve and I wasn’t expecting that!

As you can see the Blush Novelties Pom Plug arrives in plastic. I will admit I sighed when I retrieved it from packaging as I despise packaging like this as it’s a bloody bugger to open. It usually involves me struggling to open it before accepting defeat and finding to scissors to attack it with instead.

However, this packaging isn’t one of those horrible blister packs. No Sirrr-e ! It actually has, much to my delightment, a flap at the bottom to lift up and opens up to reveal its actually hinged plastic. Awesome!

Blush Novelties Pom Plug

The Blush Novelties Pom Plug is tapered for easy insertion and made from velvety soft silicone. It is worth noting, I personally found it can be draggy in use so I would recommend layering up the lube before insertion and also reapplying some before removal as it really needs it. Otherwise, I do feel you’d end up given yourself some silicone friction burns, which isn’t fun.

The plug is super beginner friendly as it’s only 1.4 inches in width at it’s widest point. The plug is just approx 5 inches in entire length and 3.5 inches in insertable length. As an intermediate anal player, I have no issues with the tail coming loose during use, even when the tail is tugged at which has happened before with another plug. Speaking of use, this tail is super comfortable to wear during sex. The T-bar doesn’t interfere with sex like other plugs I have. The bar sits perfectly between my ass cheeks, doesn’t jab in any way and isn’t too long either. Some T plugs have arms that are just so long, they nearly act as a chastity device in use. Thankfully, I don’t have an issue with this one – in fact, you’d nearly forget you are wearing it.

Well, apart from the shape beginning awesome at directing my OH in the direction of my G spot while I wear during doggie style which I highly recommend by the way!

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