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Kitten Boheme Reviews The WaterSlyde Water Diverter

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WaterSlyde Bathtub Water Diverter – Sex Toy Review

I have been extremely curious about the WaterSlyde from the moment it crossed into my Twitter newsfeed. The concept is so simple that it borders on near brilliance. There are absolutely no moving parts (unless you happen to count the single length of ribbon), nothing high-tech, no motors or other wild bells and whistles. Nope, the WaterSlyde is nothing but a longish plastic chute with a bit of pink ribbon. For something so super simple it is an oddly unique toy!

WaterSlyde Bathtub Water Diverter

The WaterSlyde is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, it is a slide for water. With the attached pink ribbon simply tie the WaterSlyde around your bathtub faucet and you’ve got yourself a lovely little orgasmic water slide. Yep, it really is that simple… it almost gives me very little to write about… thank God it was awesome, that will give me a few extra words to say a it this toy!

This whole experience has definitely taken me back to my masturabatory beginnings (my masturbation origin story). When I was just a fledgling little pervert my go to masturbation toys were a hairbrush with a super textured ribbed handle and the bathtub faucet/shower head. I moved around a lot as a young woman, I had a new bathroom at least once a year. Sometimes these bathrooms would have removable shower heads and these were my favorite bathrooms. Some bathrooms did not have removable shower head, those bathrooms were not my favorite, although that didn’t stop me from throwing my legs up over my head and scooting as close to the faucet as I could, contorting my body until my clit was resting under the running water. There was always something so satisfying about taking a long, hot bath/shower that ended in an orgasm.

The WaterSlyde is a refreshing (pun was not intended but I’m glad it found me…) change from smashing vibrators against my clit and vulva. It was sort of like I was giving my nether regions the day off and treating them to a spa day. Yep, it felt pretty luxurious. Especially when you add candles and a glass of wine… okay, I’m not that fancy, it was a Death Star shaped night light and a La Croix… but you get the idea.

So, I tried the WaterSlyde in two different bathtubs. The first run I tried was the one in my own home. I have a pretty standard looking looking bathtub with the shorter, wider faucet… it’s pretty typical and what I think of when I think bathtub faucet. On my tub the WaterSlyde fit beautifully and functioned amazingly well. The second tub I tried was in my Mom’s house. She has this beautiful claw foot tub that sits raised up on a tile platform in the middle of her bathroom… it is seriously awesome… but the faucet… well… while it was pretty… it’s functionally useless with the WaterSlyde, This tub has a long, skinny faucet that curves up in a graceful upside down U (it reminds me of a swans neck) and the WaterSlyde was unable to securely attach to it (which is a total bummer, as that tub is far more photogenic then my own). So that is definitely something to be aware of when purchasing a WaterSlyde of your own, if you have a faucet that is quite different from the more common size, it may not work. I think the biggest issue will be is if your faucet is real skinny, I think a wider faucet would be more forgiving, as long as the ribbon can tie around it.

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