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Kitten Boheme Reviews The Stinger Electro-Play Wand

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Kink by Doc Johnson the Stinger – Sex Toy Review

There once was a time when the very sight of a slender little dildo would have caused my face to turn a shade of bright red and sent me into fits of giggles. A time when just owning a little bullet vibe felt incredibly scandalous to me and I felt equal amounts of embarrassment and titillation whenever I even thought about a sex toy. But now… now I’ve become a seasoned sex toy pro. I own dog dildos that I can talk about in public without breaking a sweat. I can wave my Ovipositor in the air like I just don’t care. Sex toys have become so ridiculously normal to me… which is good… because it has prepared me for today's review… which is essentially a cattle prod for people. Yep… I own a cattle prod for people and I don’t even bat an eye… because why wouldn’t a person own one of these?

Kink The Stinger Electro-Play Wand

I’ll be honest though, electro-play is definitely something I have shied away from for a very long time. Pain has never really been my thing… sure, I don’t mind a firm spank (I even own a small handful of awesome impact toys) or a gentle face slap every now and then, but the thought of shocking myself on purpose just never crossed my mind. Heck… I yelp and cringe when someone rubs there feet on a carpet and touches me… so yeah… electro-play has never been high on my list of things I want to do on purpose for pleasure. Buuuuuuttttttt…. that isn’t to say I haven’t developed a bit of a curiosity about electro-sex. There have been numerous times when I’ve had the opportunity to have someone use a Violet Wand on me… but every time I chickened out and noped it the fuck out of there. It’s one of those fetishes that sounds alright in my head and looks cool whenever I watch other people do it… but on my actual self, I’m just not sure I would like it. So with this in mind… just how did I come to own this human cattle prod? Well… the short answer is… it’s all your fault. Yeah, you. You the reader. You are all the reason I decided to take the plunge into electro-play. If it was completely up to me, this blog would be 100% vibrating wands… but I feel like that might get boring for you guys after the 99th vibrating wand review of “Yep, I like this wand and I bet you 10 bucks I’ll like the next vibrating wand too” and if there is one thing I don’t want this blog to be it’s boring. I want to be the person who finds you all the cool, new, weird, and interesting toys! So, with that in mind, when SheVibe gave me a choice of a toy to review I quickly requested the Kink by Doc Johnson The Stinger.

Okay, now, I can hear some of you shouting into your computer screens “What the heck is it?! What are you even talking about?!” I mean… personally, I think “cattle prod for people” pretty much covered it… but for you city folk who may have never seen a cattle prod, I’ll try to elaborate. The Stinger is a a 15 inch bit of plastic, it’s divided into two halves… the red body and the black textured handle. At the end of the red shaft are two little metal conductors… this is where the ouchies are delivered from. Operating the Stinger is super simple. If you can push down a button you can zap people to your hearts content. There is a single red button on the toys handle, push it down and you are ready to deliver an electric shock. Once you are ready to use the Stinger you’ve got a couple of options. If you give the button just a quick tap it will store just a small sting… a little love bite. If you want to deliver something a little bit more punishing hold the button down longer and deliver a harder zap. You can also push the wand onto the skin then press the button… personally, this was my least favorite way… I thought this hurt the most. It is also possible to push the Stinger onto the skin and hold the button down, delivering a continuous shock… I also wasn’t a big fan of this option either. The light, tickling snap is much more to my liking.

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