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Emmeline Peaches Reviews The Satisfyer Pro Traveler

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Toy Review: The Satisfyer Pro Traveler Pressure Wave Waterproof Stimulator

Oh Satisfyer, you never cease to please me.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler Pressure Wave Waterproof Stimulator is the cheapest Satisfyer toy currently on offer and it is absolutely brilliant.

This is not a faultless toy, not at all, but I can tell you this much – ever orgasm I’ve had with it has been near-faultless.

I am currently part of the 30 day orgasm challenge and, although I failed at a straight record during my marathon trip. However I feel pretty confident that had I not been sharing the same hotel room with my (incredibly supportive) mother I would have been able to take the Satisfyer Pro Traveler with me and wanked my way to sheer and glorious victory.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler Pressure Wave Waterproof Stimulator isn’t just the cheapest of the Satisfyer toys: It’s probably the most compact in terms of visual aesthetics, if not size. It’s hard to tell which toy would technically take up less space in a travel pack, this or the similarly sized Penguin, but the Satisfyer Pro Traveller certainly feels more compact and convenient when stored.

This may be a similar size to the Penguin but it’s a very different experience.

This is due to the fact that the Satisfyer Pro Traveler comes with its own build-in magnetic storage case system,which basically encases the Satisfyer Pro Traveler in a little pod-like structure. Half of this is comprised on the toys itself whereas the other half is more or a lid and together they meet to make sure that no one knows what this object is, nor what you intend to do with it, during your travels.

The additional bonus to this design is that the Satisfyer Pro Traveler’s buttons can be easily kept out of the way of accidental pressing or triggering while the toy is being stored and moved from destination to destination.

One could make a case that a travel lock system would be a significantly less bulk way to make this possible. That’s absolutely valid unless you A) Value discretion in appearance (if a toy only has a travel lock it’s not going to conceal what it is and will very obviously look like a toy) or B) Have lots of fiddly things in your bag.

There is no figuring out (nor accidentally turning on) this toy when it’s encased in itself.

I’ve found that, even when some toys do have a travel lock, at times there has been enough jiggling going on in my travel bags that my travel locked toy has still managed to find a way to annoyingly vibrate at the worst of times. I mean, it’s basically sod’s law, right? This will never be an issue with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler because those buttons are completely off-limits. Safe and secure.

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