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Betty Butch Reviews Kix'ies Fishnet Thigh High Tights

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Review: Kix’ies Sam Black Fishnet Thigh High Tights

Fishnets have been a major turn-on for me for the entirety of my post-puberty life. I’ve always associated them with sexual openness, and they’re core to a number of aesthetics that appeal to me. Punk rock babes, emo enbies, goth boys, sluts of all sorts – fishnets can be regal or they can be trashy, but for me they’ll always flag sexual being.

It’s no secret that ‘sexual being’ is an attribute rarely associated with fat people in our culture. We don’t really get to put our sexuality on display because sexy clothing – leather, lingerie, kink gear – isn’t readily available in plus sizes. Oh, you’re fat and want to look hot for a night out? Hope you feel sexually empowered by blouses that could probably double as nurse smocks.

But things are changing. Slowly. Plus size options are getting better (the expensive ones, anyway) and that includes the racier portion of fashion. It’s no longer impossible to find something hot… But it’s still mostly an online guessing game. A retailer might carry your dimensions, but there’s no guarantee it was designed with your body in mind. Things roll and tuck and sag and squeeze and you’re still left feeling like sexuality isn’t something for you.

Soooo here’s the part where I introduce the product I’m reviewing that I think tackles this head-on. You knew it was coming. It’s in the title!

Kix'ies Sam Black Fishnet Thigh High Tights With No-Slip Grip

Back in July, the superheroes behind SheVibe sent me a pair of Kix’ies Sam Black Thigh-High Tights. Kix’ies come in a variety of designs, but my longtime kink for fishnets could not be denied. (Thanks, SheVibe!)

Kix’ies Sam Tights come in a thin cardboard slip-cover. I’ve got mixed feelings about the branding/marketing due to its unnecessary and alienating gendering, but at least it features a picture of an actual person’s legs wearing the stockings (a nice touch considering how often plus size clothes are modeled by thin folks.) More importantly, the back of the packaging has a sizing chart and some brief but body-positive measuring instructions. 

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