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Backwoods Bedroom Reviews The Adrien Lastic Caress Vibe

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Believe It Or Not, A Brilliant Oral Simulator: Review Adrien Lastic Caress

Que the angelic choir music. Behold, dear readers, I have found a toy that sufficiently replicates the sensation of receiving oral. For me, at least, (with only a few minor caveats.)

I present to you, the Adrien Lastic Caress. Oh, and if you are wondering what that noise is, that my friends, is the sound of a harp accompanied by beautiful, angelic voices singing harmoniously, in perfect unison, “Ahhhhhhh!”Adrien Lastic Caress

For the skeptics, I know you’re out there, I readily concede that there have been multiple iterations of sex toys throughout the years, that have tried (but failed,) to mimic cunnilingus. Including ones that could easily be mistaken for gag gifts, like the Sqweel 1 & 2. To the more uptight, serious incarnations, like the faux-goldplated, Lelo Ora I and II. Even a more middle of the road brand, like Cal Exotics, took a stab at it. Adding a rolling “Pleasure ball” (really, just a small ball bearing) to a handful of toys in their Embrace line.

I’m sure, there are, or have been, dozens of other ill-conceived interpretations that I’ve failed to mention here. But that’s not important now. What is important, is, no matter if they were high-end, cheesy, or bordering on ridiculous, these toys all had one thing in common. They all failed at delivering the goods.Adrien Lastic Caress 11-Function Rotating Silicone Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Its Got The Goods

You may be wondering and rightly so, “What exactly are these goods you speak of?” Well, the implied goal for each of these toys is that the user should theoretically be able to close their eyes and believe the fantasy. The one about the amazing head they are receiving. Am I right?

Adrien Lastic Caress attachmentsAdmittedly, that’s a tall order to fill, and I completely understand if you’re more than a bit incredulous, but please hear me out on this.

Before going any further, I’d like to introduce you the makers of The Caress. Adrien Lastic, a European toy manufacturer that’s based in Spain and only very recently became available across the pond, here in the US. Thanks in part, to everyone’s favorite online, sex toy shop, SheVibe. Where a sampling of their toys is currently available.

Let’s get something else out of the way, I’ll go ahead and say what you might already be thinking. Yes, The Caress, looks…. as bad as I hate to say it, a little silly, perhaps? But, its unique propeller-like design and its odd-looking attachments are what drew me to it. They cumulatively spoke to me, saying, “I’m different, try me!” So I happily obliged.Adrien Lastic Caress

Seeing how I always shoot straight from the hip with ya’ll, I do confess, however, with only half-hearted hopes of it ever bringing me to orgasm.

So, if you hadn’t noticed already, the Caress proved me wrong, dead wrong, I’m a huge fan. That doesn’t mean, there aren’t things about it, that I take issue with. Its bright pink shade being one. But perhaps, this is one of those times you’ve got to take the good with the bad. All the while, crossing your fingers in hope that the company hears your constructive criticism and makes future adjustments.

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