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Aslan Mr. Right Packing Strap - Extra Small

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Aslan Mr. Right Packing Strap - Extra Small

The Mr. Right Packing Strap was created as a companion for Vixen's Mr. Right Packer. This simple leather backed device will hold Mr. Right securely in just the right spot while protecting your skin. The 1.5" elastic waist band sits on your hips and wears discreetly under clothing. Packing dildo sold separately.

  • Sizes: Extra Small 26"- 30"
  • Small 30"- 34"
  • Medium 34"- 38"
  • Large 38"- 42"
  • Extra Large 42"- 46"
  • XXL 46"- 50"

Over the years, Aslan Leather has lead the way in Dildo Harness design and has produced innovative BDSM toys that have given Aslan Leather a reputation for supreme quality. As head designer, Carrie has worked to create better sex toys for a changing world, making Aslan Leather the number one choice in dildo harnesses and BDSM gear for all genders and sexualities. Aslan's strict attention to detail and uncompromising approach shows in every piece they produce so they can proudly stand behind their products as being among the finest BDSM toys and the best dildo harnesses available. That's why all their products come with a lifetime guarantee - If your Aslan item breaks during normal wear you can send them your item for repair or replacement.

Care & Cleaning:
Throw it in the washing machine! Any temperature. Hang to dry.
Six Sizes - Fits Hips 26 to 30 Inches
Warranty Information:

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1 Review

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    The Only Thing Mr. Right Will Ever Ask You For

    Review by R J McElroy

    Texture and material construction: Mr. Right's packing strap by Aslan has a soft double-sided leather backing panel that Mr. Right rests up against. The harness loops are three: One 2.5" wide fine-grain elastic hip loop and two 3/4" fine-grain elastic leg loops. Includes a card-tag with care and cleaning instructions, including the address you can send a claim for a repair or replacement to, should any normal wear-and-tear prove too much, or the one you got prove defective. Review Details: I love this packy harness and really wish I'd gotten it sooner, but I didn't think I'd need it at the time I got my Mr. Right. I bought the large, based on my Jockey Y-front size, rather than the X-Large, which would be what I'd get if buying by my jeans size and it fits great - just snug enough to be secure, but *not at all tight*. Nothing pinches, and nowhere is it so loose I'm afraid I'd lose my ween down my pant leg at the store (which is how life was for nearly two weeks of just packing with my manties). In the harness, I'm confident that Mr. Right still passes "the Grab Test" at a gay night, even better than without the strap, because Mr. Right is *guaranteed* to be at the most natural place on your body you can position him. To put on, make sure the leather is clean (the care tag recommends just to wipe with a soft dry cloth, but a leather lube without silicone, like Dr Marten's Wonder Balsam, rubbed in then wiped off can also help protect the leather from wetness damage) as well as the elastics (hand-wash ONLY, taking care to keep the water off the leather). Clean Mr. Right with a mild anti-bac hand soap or silicone toy cleaner and water, pat with towel and air dry. The hip strap is worn, obviously, around the hips and you step into the leg-loops; the loop around the hips might ride up a bit, depending on how your body is shaped, but as long as your shirt is tucked in, this shouldn't be a problem. I've found that the best and most natural place for me to wear Mr. Right's bouncy-pouch is right up in front, with his balls just on top of the pubic mons (if you're unfamiliar of where that is, might I suggest going to Books and getting yourself a copy of THE GUIDE TO GETTING IT ON? they have diagrams ;-). This puts the cock a little on the high side, but it's far closer to where cis men's genitals tend to sit on the body than any other placement I've made. You can harness Mr. Right into his little bouncy-pouch before or after getting the strap on, but I recommend after, so that he's nice and hand-warmed. My favorite thing about this is that I can pee sitting down in this (plenty of cis- men do, for various reasons) and I don't have to either hold my junk the whole time, or make sure it's hidden deep enough in my jeans that a kid can't accidentally see it if he's checking under the doors--or just generally fret about what to do with my packy, afraid that I might leave it there and checking my pants ten times on my way out of the stall and Gents', just to assure myself that I did not. Stand-To-Pee things never worked for me do to an unusual urethral placement, and so this is a great packing must-have for us gents in the pee-sitting-down community. The only think that I kinda don't like is... The silicone on my skin would absorb my body heat, assisting in the "illusion", helping me bond with it better, since it felt more like a piece of my body - if that's not an issue for you, great, but if it is, what helps me is lubing Mr. Right up a little and warming him up the fun way once a day. Hand-warming before packing is also a must. This harness can also probably accommodate the latest Good Vibe Sailor Softpack model, but I'm only going by photos of the latest model; the older versions only had good side balls on the smallest shaft option.

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